It’s Nice That – Weekly Edit

It isn’t always that motivating, seeing design gods’ work pass by on the web. Such masterpieces tend to make you feel, well, a bit useless. Every now and again we get really hyped up about the work of an amateur designer. Unschooled design makes us jealous. Fresh, raw, and unspoilt by role models. Design is at its best when freedom and spontaneity outplay rules.

Tail wagging, we wander dodgy side-streets where exotic stores don’t hire to get their menus made. Slogans laden with poetry sport the storefronts, letters are stretched out till they almost pop. But we also see it in our neighbourhood, bang in the middle of our city. To think that someone cooks up an idea, then simply goes out and makes it, no questions asked. While illustrating, you often get a “how do you come up with this stuff?” The truth is, inspiration is out there on the streets.

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