Studies in Motion

  • Type: Motion
  • Client: Graphic Matters

The series ‘Studies in Motion’ consists of three short animations in which the absurd connection between random objects results in autonomous and unexpected interactions.


CONCEPT: We have put together a selection of objects. And started looking at what can be an interesting movement in each item and how this could provide a small animation challenge…🏋🏻‍♂️

PROCES: To take our animation to the next level, we researched how a 3d program, that works with al his scientific actions like melting, blowing up and gravity, can add value to our illustrations/animations. The actions in programs like this are fun because you have no idea what comes out of it. The step to outline the cinema file is a complex proces and takes a lot of time. 🕰

RESULT: Apart from the fact that this technique does not give you full control, it also leads to drawings that we cannot draw from our own imagination. And that is fun. On to the next one.🐬