Bricks86 x R&R


More Information

  • 100% Canadian maple
  • 3-color run screenprint
  • Polyurethan clearcoat
  • High concave
  • Limited edition



Our cities are brick-built, especially because in The Netherlands we have a lot of clay to begin with. Bricks are one of the key elements shaping our streets for skating. Bricks 86 is a Dutch (NL) skateboard brand born out of love for skateboard culture, in particular the foundational 1980s and early 90s eras. Skateboarders who grew up back then, pioneered today’s skateboarding.



Shopping Terms


Items will be shipped within 10 business days after placing an order. We do our very best to ship them well-protected and with all due care taken. There’s always the possibility that an item may arrive in a damaged condition due to poor handling by third parties. Should this occur please let us know.


All orders can be picked up in our studio in Breda (NL) by appointment. Skip on shipping and stop by for a chat and a coffee!


Let us know should you have any special requests – we can’t promise anything but we’ll do our best to meet your demands! 


Color may be different by paper than the color on your screen. Don’t worry we are the biggest critique out there.