Recognizable for everybody: the visual language of chinese restaurants, local snackbars and pizzeria’s. But what’s behind? Therefore we started collecting a couple of hundreds pictures of storefronts in numerous cities. After analysing all these photographs we realised there were a lot of comparisons. Call it coincidence but it would appear there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to the visual language of a these typical stores.

These unwritten rules form the subject of our book DESIGNERIA.
A broad exploration of comparisons that can be drawn between stores when it comes to typography, language use, illustration, animation, and so on. We made an attempt at describing our observations in twenty-five columns, in the hope that no snackbar, chinese restaurant, or pizzeria visit will ever be the same again.

  • Part of Collection

  • Year:

    • 2017
  • What:

    • Graduation Project
  • Nomination:

    • St.Joost Penning
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